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Yoni Massage - Lounge Sessions with Marigold

I am constantly met with so much curiosity around what I do, but also the flip side of this, people are afraid to start a conversation with me about what I do, weary of the discomfort that it might bring within themselves.

So, my plan is to hold an evening in my home, to share openly about what I do, what I stand for, and why I stand so fiercely, for Yoni beings, Yonis, and the Feminine.

The evening will involve me sharing, and then YOU asking all YOUR questions you have been pondering about what I actually do! There will be cups of tea, warmth, laughter, and nibbles.

I am excited! This evening will be held Wednesday the 9th December 7pm-9pm. I plan to create a facebook event, I would love to see you there.

Ohhhhh, and also, keep an eye out for the next Lounge Session with Marigold - Open Relating/Non-Monogomy.

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