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Intuitive massage | 2 hours | 260

A 2 hour massage session for women that will leave you

feeling nourished and relaxed. 

I will tune intuitively in to your body, listening and responding with the touch and massage your body uniquely needs. 


You will experience full body touch, excluding genitals. 

"I believe Marigold is an amazing woman with a gift to share

to help women in so many ways.

I am a survivor of childhood abuse. I carried many wounds throughout my life. My time spent in Marigold's presence receiving my massage was a huge release of so much pent up turmoil within myself as a woman. It was strong, enlightening and spiritually uplifting.


It has been a huge tool with my healing.


I have become lighter and stronger within my direction of life, and love for who I am,

as a woman and as a mother." - Kerran Thomasen

Marigold Marama leaning in the doorway of her space for massage
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