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Me joyful after playing barefoot in the forest
Marigold Marama joyful in the forest, open to the universe

Kia ora,
I'm Marigold Marama

"I am here to light a fire in the feminine.

To enliven embodiment and expression.

The art and power of this work flow instinctively through me like a deep remembering."

holding space for
Being physically, mentally, and emotionally present without judgement for someone. It means putting your focus on someone to support them as they feel their feelings. 

Supporting women to release what holds them

back and to realise the power in their pleasure

is important work with profound impact

the divine feminine
Fierce, intuitive energy, holding both dark and light aspects of self.  She stands for self, she stands for the greater good, she stands for unity, compassion, nature, cycles and love.  

About me,

"Yoni beings standing fully in their power is where the magic lies.

I want to be a part of that magic time and time again"

I am a wild being, as a child, I needed space for my wildness, connection and closeness. I ooze all things feminine and healing. My personal experience of pregnancy and birth gave breath and life to my ability to hold space for myself, speaking my needs, seeking and utilising my inner power.

I am a Yoni Massage Practioner
I am a Midwife 
ISTA Level 1 graduate 
Level 2 Reiki healer
and graduate of the Magdalena Priestess training.

In midwifery, I've witnessed Yoni beings in their ferocity, love and power. Birthing their babes and, in turn, rebirthing themselves. Space holding during this heart-expanding time in a Yoni beings life has been one of the most beautiful privileges of my own.

The accumulation of all this magic led me to become a Yoni Massage Practioner and space holder of the divine feminine.

It is my mission in this life to provide space for Yoni beings to come fully into their power, fully alive in their bodes, pleasure and lives. My offerings support this 🔥 

A woman crosslegged on a mossy log in the forest
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